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Wahj Al Ayn company started the media department since 2005. The company’s operations include advertising and the production of video
clips affiliated with television stations and radio stations in Iraq, We also have a team of Graphic designer’s which contribute to the creation of the newspapers that we are Sub-contracting to. We have done daily newspaper, weekly news papers and fortnightly.
Specific publications that include coverage on local activities and niche publications targeted to various Political, demographic, geographic and topical communities of interest.
Wahj Al Ayn company stared life in 2005 conducting surveys for the US Governments and a small spot in a local Baghdad news paper, editing, report writing and filming in extreme real time street action. WA has built up its strong and growing business through professionalism, Reputation and repeated recommendations.
Projects are staffed as required with cross-office teams to take full advantage of our Industry expertise, broad geographic representation and language capabilities. As a result we have offices based in Baghdad Karadah, Erbil, Karkuk, Basrah, Mousl, Fallujah, Ramadi and currently have a strong support staff of over 200 very well traind employees.


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