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General Contracting

Wahj Al Ayn Company was established in 2005 and expanded vigorously in the field of contracting. We are a company with regional scope and national recognition. We have shown that if you can dream it, we can build it, as our portfolio includes many projects. Our clients represent a wide range of industries in the private and government sectors. We are proud that over 80% of our business comes from repeat clients.

WA was awarded with contracts to build houses, campus, men camps, schools, swimming pools, towers and many other projects, Some of our clients are; Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Oil and governorate consuls.

Beginning in 2005, we continue a commitment to excellence by striving for quality in every job regardless of size, budget or time line. We still maintain the same foundation of integrity, trust and mutual respect that has made the business an ever-expanding success, and one of the premier contractors in the country. We live where we work and take immeasurable pride in the results we see every day.

WA as a General Contractor is capable, anytime, of calling upon the best of materials as well as engineering and technical expertise to meet the most stringent international standards required for executing the work assigned. We undertake and execute all major trades such as Civil, Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical works.

Quality Control

We at WA consign to consistently thrive to exceed our client’s quality expectations of product to service them at competitive costs in an atmosphere fostering continuous improvement of products, processes, safety, health, and environment.

 Compliance to our Quality and related Health, Safety and Environment policy it’s mandatory and is consistently applied at all levels within the company.  WA has established, documented and implemented an Integrated Quality Management System which allows us to maintain Optimum Service and Profitability for all our Clients and Employees.



 In line with its dynamic growth, WA has increased the workforce, placing prominence in recruiting and retaining the brightest talent in today’s market. With recruiting many nationalities of employment with the concentration on recruiting Iraqi nationals offering a broad range of skills, each project receives dedicated focused world-class expertise.

 The company’s proven track record includes the distinction of building many of the region’s most emblem projects, as well as being involved in long-term partnerships with major clients.

Since the last 12 years, these prestigious projects placed WA in its position as one of the leaders having perfected its expertise in constructing various projects.


Our Employee Development


Give your employees the opportunity to develop and the freedom to make decisions, and they will succeed. Beyond technical, hands-on training, we train our staff to be equipped for work and life in the 21st century. By offering our employees knowledge, experience, know-how and accomplishment, it is no surprise that job satisfaction and exceptional work follow.


Our Commitment to Safety


People are our greatest resource and most valuable asset. We value their safety above all else. Our Safety Program is rooted in the belief that when you put people first, success will follow. Our Value-Based Safety Program requires worker buy-in and global thinking, as opposed to a Priority-Based Program which emphasizes specific tasks, outcomes and statistical results. Safety is everyone's job. We encourage employees to think of working safely as protecting their neighbors, their families and their friends. Safety is a way of life and a constant endeavor. Our goal is simple: we want every worker to go home safely to their families every night.


Our Technology


Advancements in technology make buildings increasingly complex. Yet the demand for timely, quality and cost effective delivery has not changed. In order to match quality with efficiency in construction, technology has to play a part. Our innovative use of cutting-edge technologies enables cohesive project management that increases efficiency and improves communication. That way you stay informed and your project stays on schedule.

By incorporating technology early in a project's development, we can educate our partners on best practices and work together to improve overall project visualization, increase collaboration and productivity, and reduce the need for change orders and repeat work.


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    Building and rehabilitation of schools in Baghdad

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