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Documentaries and TV spots services

Our company media products are equal in quantity and quality, we did not give priority for quantity over quality and in the same time, we did not negligent to produce many performances that indicated on our creator and contrived teams alacrity and perseverance.

We produced many documentaries in Iraq. Which had the echo that increased mettle to produce more products, most important documentaries that we produced was:


  1. Sons of Iraq:

A documentary talks about the revolution of Iraqi tribes against the terrorists Al Qaeda organization where it review the heroic events mixed with pain and suffering that our cameras recorded in the ultimate dangers in that time.

The documentary also reviews the support of the Iraqi and US governments to these tribes’ organizations and the stages of convert it from the unofficial Sahwa to an official security organization belong to the government named “Sons of Iraq”.

The documentary has a suspense and action elements and was handover to the media national center that is belong to the general secretariat of the council of ministers.


  1. Civilization Bird:

The documentary reviews the journey of the Iraqi youth that was started from the creation of the civilization and his contribution in its born, where the bird travel in the documentary in stages started by landing of the humanity father “Adam” to the earth and specifically in Iraq and going through all the times of all kind of iniquitous kings and presidents that alternate each other to get Iraq in the dark stages of youth displacement until his return to home to end the documentary with the return of the civilization bird to fly back over the Iraqi sky. The documentary was handover to the youth organization and was viewed exclusively on Belady TV station.


  1. Fog Walls:

The documentary reviews the purebred Iraqi core by showing the connection and cohesion between all Iraqi spectrum in spite of all events and difficulties.

The documentary talks about the reception of Abu Tshier area people (Shiea Area) in Dora to the people who lives in Hour Rijab (Sunni Area) that were displaced by Al Qaeda organization to push the sectarian spark away and nail from any agenda was trying to create the dividing between the Iraqi people.

The documentary recorded the displacement, the reception and the reactions of the people toward each other and the surprise and happiness feelings in that time.


  1. Steps Towards Sun:

The documentary reviews a pilgrim to holly Karbala. Which lived through two regimes as it put the light on his journey steps to Karbala in the time of Sadam regime with the dictatorship period then, and the stage of freedom and practicing religion rituals after Sadam regime in the democratic Iraq. The documentary viewed on Al Furat TV station.


  1. Heroes Industry:

The documentary reviews the high patriotic spirit and the increasing of mettle in the Iraqi lions in the Iraqi military academy in Sulaimaniya. As it reviews the stages of training for the academy students until the graduation ceremony to be officers in the Iraqi army and protect their homeland, the documentary was showing on Afaq TV station in a television program about the security forces with the present of the major general Qassim Atah.


  1. What was promised:

The documentary reviews the life of the Iraqi woman in her different specialties and specifically in the security field, it talks about the promise of the US government to the Iraqi women and what was actually done, the documentary follow four Iraqi women who signed up to join the security force — three army and one police — which was a U.S.-led initiative and seemed to be, at the time, a step toward democracy and equal rights in male-dominated Iraqi society. As the women faced criticism, sexual harassment and violence, U.S. officials failed to protect the women they encouraged to join.

The documentary was debuted at the National Geographic All Roads Film Fest in September 2008 and was nominated in the Best Documentary category. It was made by the cooperation of our company with the filmmaker Roshini Thinakaran.


We have also done many other documentaries and TV spots with TV station, filmmakers and free licensers reporters as Amanda in 24 France channel and the British channel one and channel two, in addition to forty TV spots about health belong to the ministry of health in Iraq and one hour of health documentary reviews how to detect and act to prevent or detect the censer in woman.