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Logistics Service 1

As A first Class logistics company, we have had many logistics services from 2005 until today with many local and global companies in Iraq, below are some of our clients:

Strategic Social – www.strategicsocial.com

One of our big long term clients, as we have worked with S2 from 2005 in Iraq and been responsible of supplying all their needs in Iraq all this time, we are so proud of our services to them and we always were successful to get our mission done and provide the company with all what they needed in all fields.

Blue Hackles - www.bluehackle.com

As a security company in Iraq our company contracted with Blue hackle in 2012, 2013 and 2014 to provide them with all kind of logistics they needed include tires for armored vehicles, Body armors, uniforms and any other needs for their work.

United Andalusia Company -  www.unitedandalusia.com

One of our partners and our main clients, a Jordanian company that our company were successful to supply United Andalusia with many logistics services including medical equipment to the US government.

Daricon Company:

One of our long term clients, WA has provided Daricon with all kind of logistics from 2009 until today.

Erinys Company -  www.erinysiraq.com

WA has provided many logistics services to Erinys from 2010 until today and specifically in Basra city, we supplied them with vehicles equipment, uniforms, body armors, office needs and any others services they requested from our company.

Nahrain Group - www.nahraingroup.com

One of our partners and our long terms clients that our company provided them with many logistics services in Iraq, our relation with them that go back to 2007 is a big approval of our good services we provide to our clients.