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News gathering and printing services

Our company has one of the biggest footages archiving library from 2005 and until today, growing up continuously as its now more than 6000 video footages from hundreds of different events.
We have a very good relation with all the TV stations in Iraq and we have done a lot of work together, such as:
1.    Iraqia TV.
2.    Al Furat.
3.    AlMasaar.
4.    AlSumariya.
5.    Baghdad.
6.    Afaq.
7.    AlHurrah Iraq.
8.     Al Salam TV station.
9.    24 France.
We have also worked always with many Media agencies in Iraq, such as Reuters news agency, AP news agency, IHA, Anadolu news agency and Sawatel news agency.  
Our company also have a full video editing team equipped with the newest editing devices through a department that specialized with filmmaking, various news reports and different TV spots.
 Our company is the only Owner of a Heidelberg color separation printing press, in the whole of Iraq, which enables us to produce a full range of advertising and marketing services at the highest standards.
We have done many contracts in newspaper designing, printing and distribution as the US Military Stars and Stripes newspaper, Victory Times and local newspapers e.g. Baghdad Now. In addition, as requested by the Us Military for the newspaper Baghdad Now we created a light humor Caricature on views on the situation in Iraq.
All so covering, the full production on Interactive TV coverage on local situation In Iraq e.g. the TV channals AlIraqia, AlMasar and AlSumaria. We are also the Exclusive advertising agent for the Almosulia TV station.
A very significant part of our company is the Production House of Documentaries and short films, which has captured the attention and had the most coverage through International media.